Great Meetings! Great Results
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Great Meetings! Great Results

by Dee Kelsey, Pam Plumb
Paperback: 224 pages
Publisher: Hanson Park Press, Inc.

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Product Description

Great Meetings! Great Results (the updated, expanded edition of Great Meetings! How to Facilitate Like A Pro) is a practical, user-friendly guide for making all meetings more productive, efficient and creative. It will help meeting leaders, facilitators and participants understand the important steps for planning and facilitating meetings, ranging from weekly staff meetings to multi-day planning sessions.

It is also an excellent text for facilitation and meeting management training for all audiences, providing step-by-step guidance for mastering facilitation skills.

Drawing from their experience in the trenches, the authors answer many meeting-related questions, such as: Do we really need a meeting? How can we make sure the meeting is designed for maximum success in minimum time? What are ways to gets everyone's participation? How do we work with the person who will never speak or won't stop talking? What do we do when half the group is in Rome and half in Denver?

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