Looking at Type in the Workplace (Looking at type series)
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Looking at Type in the Workplace (Looking at type series)

by Larry Demarest
Paperback: 47 pages
Publisher: Center for Applications of Psychological Type

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Over your lifetime, you will spend between 50,000 to 100,000 hours at work, more than any other activity. Understanding personalities-both your own and the people with whom you work-is vital to spending a lifetime of engaged, productive, collaborative, and satisfying work.

Looking at Type in the Workplace uses the gold standard of personality assessments, the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator instrument, to explain the importance of the four domains of psychological type to the work environment. Decades of research have shown that teams composed of members with diverse personalities have better outcomes than those who are type alike. respecting and appreciating differences results in healthier, more productive teams.

Looking at Type in the Workplace is a rich source of insights into:
The basic nature of type as a dynamic model of personality and lifelong development
How the characteristics of all sixteen personality types are typically expressed at work
Your own unique work style and path to achievement
Appreciation of diverse ways of gathering information and making good decisions
The role of type in career choice, conflict resolution, team building, decision making, change management, and effective communication

Harnessing the power of psychological type will make your workplace more harmonious, productive, effective...and personally satisfying.

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