Nurturing Resilience in Our Children : Answers to the Most Important Parenting Questions
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Nurturing Resilience in Our Children : Answers to the Most Important Parenting Questions

by Robert Brooks, Sam Goldstein
Paperback: 320 pages
Publisher: McGraw-Hill Education

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In their critically acclaimed parenting bestseller, Raising Resilient Children, Drs. Robert Brooks and Sam Goldstein introduced readers to their breakthrough parenting model for raising resilient, emotionally healthy children capable of confronting life's challenges and bouncing back from setbacks.

In this important Q&A follow-up book, Brooks and Goldstein elaborate and expand upon their theory of resilience by supplying reasonable, jargon-free answers to dozens of questions typically asked by the thousands of parents they've encountered through their workshops, seminars, and lectures.

They discuss such important topics as:

Fostering Resilience in Our Children shows parents how to help their children develop key competencies and character traits. Review

Building on the concepts put forth in their bestselling book Raising Resilient Children, leading child psychologists Robert Brooks and Sam Goldstein follow up with this troubleshooting manual on the topic. The book assumes that readers are already familiar with their 10 essential parenting guideposts to nurturing resilience and launches into a detailed Q&A format that further explains how to communicate and show parental love effectively and how to foster self-discipline, self-worth, compassion, and competence in our children.

Based on real queries put forth by parents, educators, and professionals, the Q&A in Nurturing Resilience explains how parents can best help their children cope with specific adversities and serves as a reinforcement to get parents back on track when they feel that their efforts toward building resilience are backfiring. Among other topics, the discussion addresses how to teach children to be responsible without provoking a negative reaction, how to guide them to cope with frustrations and challenges without coddling or criticizing them, and how to promote compassion by modeling good interpersonal skills as parents. A helpful chapter on the parent-teacher alliance covers questions on how parents should tackle concerns with school problems and work with their school to find a solution. A checklist on positive homework skills and parenting homework practices lets parents know where there's room for improvement. The concluding chapter features a transcript of an interview with Todd Rose, one of the doctors' success stories of the resilience "program." This is a valuable supplement to Brooks and Goldstein's original text and gives helpful guidance in the tough job of raising children in a challenging and ever-changing world. --Cristina Vaamonde

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