Proposal Writing for Government Contracts: How to Organize and Write Winning Competitive Proposals
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Proposal Writing for Government Contracts: How to Organize and Write Winning Competitive Proposals

by H. Roger Corbett
Paperback: 508 pages
Publisher: Seneca Press

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How to organize and write winning competitive corporate proposals Proposal Writing for Government Contracts is a guide to the world of competitive proposals. This book is unique as there are few books on the competitive proposal work and none as comprehensive as this one. The author shares what he learned in his 35 years of experience in the competitive proposal field. If you are new to proposal work, this book lays out the whole process and gives you the knowledge to better prepare you for the job. For the professional, there is a lot of practical information on what works and what doesn't work in preparing proposals. Anyone interested government contracting and proposals can benefit from this book. This field in which one can determine with great regularity how good he or she is, because there is always a winner and a loser, knowledge is power. Starting with the strategic Bid-No Bid decision, all the way through to the post submittal activities, the process of organizing and writing proposals is laid out in clear steps. This book includes a Bid-No Bid From, which helps you make better Bid decisions and an entire chapter devoted to the writing of a winning Executive Summary. The author learned his craft in one of the most difficult schools that one can ever encounter the school of hard knocks and lost opportunities. Every proposal person can learn from his mistakes and losses and from his victories and wins. Our hope is that everyone can benefit from his experiences and use that information in their proposal efforts.

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