The Human Record: Sources of Global History, Volume I: To 1500
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The Human Record: Sources of Global History, Volume I: To 1500

by Alfred J. Andrea, James H. Overfield
Paperback: 464 pages
Publisher: Cengage Learning

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THE HUMAN RECORD is the leading primary source reader for the World History course, providing balanced coverage of the global past. Each volume contains a blend of visual and textual sources which are often paired or grouped together for comparison. A prologue entitled "Primary Sources and How to Read Them" appears in each volume and provides background and guidance for analyzing sources such as those in the text. Approximately one-third of the sources in the Seventh Edition are new, and these documents continue to reflect the myriad experiences of the peoples of the world. Review

About This Edition

From the Publisher

New Features

  • More emphasis has been placed on visual sources. There are over 40 new images in each volume, and the text is now in full color. Highlights of new images in Volume I include the Hagia Triada sarcophagus, a relief of the family of Akhenaten, the Thera Kouros, the Peplos Kore, Artemis Krater, the Clinic Painter--an aryballos, Woman Standing on a Makara, the Bactrian Ewer, Gold Coin of Kanishka I, Mathuran Buddha, Champa Shiva, Sufis Performing Sama, Minamoto Yoritomo, Removal of the Imperial Family to Rukuhara, Sogdian Wine Merchant, Bezelik Musicians, Mandala of Vajabhairava & Two Yuan Emperors, the Sacramentary of Charles the Bald, Fresco from the oratory of San Silvestro, Virgin Hodegetria, A Yoruba Man, Adena Man, and Moche Seated Man.

  • In response to feedback from instructors, we reorganized the content of Volume I, changing the date range from "To 1700" to "To 1500" and going from thirteen chapters to eleven chapters.

Additional Features

  • A "Multiple Voices" feature in each part illustrates one of the following: multiple viewpoints on a common event or phenomenon, multiple sources that demonstrate changes over time, or multiple perspectives from different cultures on a common issue.

  • The prologue, "Primary Sources and How to Read Them," outlines a process for the reading and analysis of the sources in the text.

  • Part, chapter, section, and individual source introductions help users place primary sources within a historical context.

  • "Questions for Analysis" precede each source and are presented in a three-tiered format that resembles a historian's approach to source analysis.

  • Each volume opens with useful topical and geographical Tables of Contents for flexible instruction.

  • An Instructor's Resource Manual provides strategies for teaching from the text.

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