Leaders' Map
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Leaders' Map

by John D.H. Greenway
Kindle Edition: 82 pages
Publisher: John D. H. Greenway

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Leaders' Map has been written to enable leaders to navigate towards success both in their work and other roles in life.
Whether you are taking the lead in business, in your community or even in your family there will be fresh ideas, practical wisdom and timeless principles that you can draw on.
At its core Leaders' Map will help you to understand your journey. Most of us make our plans as if we will be going forward in a straight line. But life is not like that. Winds blow, waves rise, currents pull, obstacles block and opportunities beckon. Leadership, indeed life, journeys are more like sailing in the ocean than driving along a straight road.
Leaders' Map wants to help thinkers do and doers think. As you read Leaders' Map you will be provoked to think and challenged to do.
Leaders' Map has been written to help you navigate more successfully, but with the express intent that you will also enjoy the journey more.

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