Killer Success: Awaken Your Inner Power
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Killer Success: Awaken Your Inner Power

by Lee Evans
Kindle Edition: 154 pages
Publisher: Brown Publishing

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Have you ever dreamed of having it all, but wondered how you could make that dream come true? Killer Success: Awaken Your Inner Power, will provide you with the blueprint for how to live the extraordinary life you deserve. We all have the power to be exceptional, and to achieve the dreams that have been buried within, by years and years of misplaced fear, uncertainty and doubt. Through mastery of the power of your thoughts and actions, you can change the trajectory of your life, and can have, accomplish, and achieve anything you desire.

Lee Evans, through her work as a career coach, mentor, and motivational guru, has counseled endless numbers of clients on how to change their lives, to accomplish their passions. Through Killer Success: Awaken Your Inner Power, she poignantly reveals step-by-step strategies required for personal achievement, and shows you:

- How to Identify Your True Passions
- How to Map Your Dreams to Fruition
- How to Believe in Your Dream, Even if You Don’t
- How to Become the Person You Need to Be
- How to Trust in Your Unlimited Potential
- and much, much more!!

Killer Success: Awaken Your Inner Power, is a compelling book on how you can really have it all, by releasing the shackles that restrict your thoughts and your habits. If you are looking for freedom from the financial and emotional chains that bind you, and you want to live to your fullest potential, Killer Success: Awaken Your Inner Power, is your roadmap to excellence and success.

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