GOING PUBLIC! Minimize Fear, Maximize Success, Master Public Speaking!
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GOING PUBLIC! Minimize Fear, Maximize Success, Master Public Speaking!

by Karen Pelot
Kindle Edition: 70 pages
Publisher: Karen Pelot Mediations, LLC

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GOING PUBLIC! Minimize Fear, Maximize Success, Master Public Speaking is an efficient, yet comprehensive, "how to" for aspiring soon-to-be-presenters and public speakers, as well as veteran speakers who enjoy honing and affirming their skills through the sharing of another's experience and insight. GOING PUBLIC! is a quick read, with easy to follow tips, and is packed full of easily applied information. Whether you already spend time speaking publicly, or you are planning to start, this little book is one you'll want to read cover-to-cover and keep handy for ongoing referencing.

Karen Pelot keeps it real, as she shares her own failures and triumphs, and walks you through the very steps that moved her from a being timid, actually awful, speaker and presenter to a confident, motivating and impactful speaker. The information provided in GOING PUBLIC! has helped individuals land dream jobs and given leaders the confidence to publicly motivate entire organizations toward positive change.

The very steps made public in this fast-paced little book have changed lives for the better!

Effective public speakers grab the attention of their listeners, and move them to action - one conversation at a time. Potentially the best things about influential speakers are: They come in all shapes and sizes; include the highly educated and those with less formal education; and they rise-up from every socio-economic demographic.

Unfortunately, much of the general public will never realize the impact and effect of their voice, as the fear of speaking publicly keeps them from ever trying. Now is the right time for you to Minimize Fear, Maximize Results and Master Public Speaking! All the tools you need to get started are right here in this book. Now go on...get out there and get GOING PUBLIC!

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