Write Smarter, Earn More:   Leveraging Low- Paying Jobs  Into a Successful Writing Career
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Write Smarter, Earn More: Leveraging Low- Paying Jobs Into a Successful Writing Career

by Laura Finger
Kindle Edition: 63 pages
Publisher: Laura Finger

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REVISED EDITION: Are you spending hour after hour, cranking out jobs, barely making $5.00 an hour? You do realize that's less than U. S. Minimum Wage, don't you?

You do realize that's less than U. S. Minimum Wage, don't you?

I've been where you are. When I started my freelance writing career, I ran into plenty of crap paying jobs. Eventually, I started to believe that that was all that was out there.

But I was wrong, and if you think you're stuck with crappy paying gigs with content mills, this is a wake up call for you.

˃˃˃ Writers deserve more for their hard work and talent

Yes, there are websites out there that will pay you $30, $50 or more for a blog post. The key is to:

Know that they're actually out there

Learn how to find them

Slaving away, working faster in an attempt to get more assignments from content mills in order to make decent money isn't the smartest way to pay your bills an build your writing career. In fact, it will harm you as your ratings from the mills goes down and your pay rate goes down. If you're caught in the quicksand of working yourself to death, it's time to start using a new strategy.

˃˃˃ Learn from other writers' experience

I've made pretty much every stupid naïve mistake that a newbie writer can make. Every time I talk to fellow freelance writers, we've traded war stories. I've found that if you can stop someone else from making your own mistakes, we all win.

˃˃˃ That's right- WE ALL WIN

The more that you make from your writing, the easier it is for other writers like me to justify our pricing. You can't help yourself without making things for your colleagues. So in that spirit, I've created this guide. You'll learn:

How to use your current crap paying jobs to move onto better paying ones

When to move on

How to effectively search the internet for great clients without eating into your valuable time

How to find even more clients without relying on the internet

Where to find your colleagues who can give you tips and moral support

How to take control of your writing career and keep more money for yourself

How to effectively expand your brand (and yes, you DO have one)

˃˃˃ Stop just asking for bread crumbs

If you're a writer, you are a professional. And you deserve to be treated like one. No client is doing you a favor by “letting” you write for them. This is your business and your livelihood. Learn how to treat it like one.

Learn how to write smarter, not harder. Learn how to effectively use your time in your marketing and prospecting for new clients. Stop the insanity and STOP working yourself to death for PEANUTS.

I've done it. Lots of other writers have done it. And you can do it, too.

Scroll up and grab a copy today.

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