Two Guys Detective Agency (humorous mystery series--book 1)
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Two Guys Detective Agency (humorous mystery series--book 1)

by Stephanie Bond
Kindle Edition: 275 pages
Publisher: NeedtoRead Books

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EXCLUSIVE TO AMAZON READERS!!  From the author of the popular BODY MOVERS series comes the first book in a new humorous mystery series:  


Even Victoria can't keep a secret from us...

Two estranged sisters (whose last name is Guy) find themselves husbandless and broke, and decide to take on a faltering P.I. agency in a strip mall. The women get off to a shaky start--their work styles and lifestyles are like oil and water, and every case seems to resurrect old family quarrels and distrust. But ultimately the women have a revelation:  Who better to deal with clients who have shocking secrets than two women who harbor so many secrets of their own?

** Newsflash:  TWO GUYS DETECTIVE AGENCY has been optioned for TV series development!  Stay tuned for updates.  **

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